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.MY NAME IS "JIM" GIBBONS and I live with my wife FREDA in the imaginary town known as Mayberry. I grew up in the rustic mountains of southwestern Virginia near historic Cumberland Gap several miles from here. At times when removed from this unique and picturesque setting I have nostalgically dreamed of living in the mountains again, and just spending my time studying and writing. Well, here we are and have been here for some time. We can see the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina looming in the background not very far away. I personally overheard one of the local people say, "I don't care where I live, just as long as I can see the Blue Ridge Mountains." 
.Pictures: North Carolina--Virginia Mountains
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I IDENTIFY myself simply as one of the LORD'S "NBs"* (I Corinthians 1:26-31; Galatians 2:20; 6:14). The LORD is everything. I edit and publish a full-scale religious paper called The SWORD and STAFF, doing much of the writing myself. Sometimes I try my hand at writing poetry; I keep a little notebook handy to write proverbial sayings. We have a small print shop in the basement of my house where I do the printing. Fellow Christians come together to help assemble the paper and get it into the mail. Our mailing list is over 20,000, and we also print a Spanish edition, La Espada y El Cayado. Here we share our humble convictions about God's Word and practical New Testament Christianity. On this web site I share some of this material with you. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as it has been said, and I think you will like the purity and simplicity of what we have to say. Religiously we are not bound by human traditions of any kind, just simply by the Word of God. Here you will find a sampling of some of the articles, poems and proverbs I have written, as well as material from other people and sources. Among other things, I am also a teacher of Bible classes. When we finish a chapter of the Bible, I furnish everyone with a set of questions over the material that's been studied. I will share some of these simple questions with you. You might find them useful and even want to print them out as a study tool. And for a complimentary copy of our non-commerical publication devoted exclusively to basic spiritual matters, let us hear from you. I think you will like it. It is nice to have you visit. Come back. New material will be added along to our web site. [*nobodies] 
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