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  • A Challenge to Exercise Your God-Given Likeness and Prerogative
  • Abounding in Thanksgiving
  • "A Good Minister of Jesus Christ"
  • "A Little Leaven Leaveneth the Whole Lump"
  • A Most Somber, Serious Matter
  • And the Word Was Made Flesh, and Dwelt Among Us
  • Are Our Suspicions Confirmed?
  • "Behold, Your House Is Left unto You Desolate" (Matthew 23:38)
  • Called Into And Being the Lord's One Church 
  • Cutting the Gordian Knot of Sin 
  • God Has Spoken and God Speaks
  • God, Time, and Our Human Predicament
  • Is Denominationalism Really Wrong?
  • Is It Time for Some Religious People to Have Second Thoughts About Their Religion?
  • Jesus Said, "Ye Are of Your Father, the Devil"
  • Paul's Pungent Way of Making a Point
  • Putting the Blame on God, or Getting Back at God
  • Reassuring Truth, God Is For Us
  • Sound Living and Sound Doctrine
  • Making the Church a Stilted Statue
  • Not A "Holy Father," "Reverend," or "Doctor" in All Their Number
  • newPeter, James and John
  • newPutting the Kingdom of God First and Church Attendance
  • Romans Chapter Fourteen Not A "Catchall" Without Bounds to Justify Deviate Innovations and Practices
  • Religious Persecution and Martyrdom
  • Safely Taking Off and Landing
  • Servants of God, and Not of Men
  • Some Prodding Thoughts (and More to Come) 
  • "That Sin By the Commandment Might Become Exceeding Sinful"
  • The Almighty God, A God of Order
  • The Antithesis of Love
  • The Church, Not of This World
  • newThe Contrasting and Varied Emotions of a Christian
  • The Erosion of the Influence of Religion in This Country and Upon This Country
  • The Greatest Commandments
  • newThe Judaizing Problem, and Others
  • new"The Law Came by Moses, But Grace and Truth by Jesus Christ"
  • The Problem of Accepting What the Bible Says About Baptism
  • The Reason for Being Alive
  • The Term "Church" As Used in the New Testament Scriptures
  • Thoughts on Confusion of Identity
  • Unity, God's Kind and God's Way
  • Warnings About Materialism
  • newWatch and Be Found Faithful
  • We Are on the Winning Team
  • What Reactionaries Teach Us 
  • Who Are God's Chosen People Today?
  • "Ye Shall Be As Gods"
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